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Actor - Singer - Dancer

About Dana

Dana grew up in the deep Northwest Connecticut woodlands with 2 hippie art loving parents. She grew up in an extremely musical household, so it was inevitable that her life would center around music too. Her love for acting began when she would act out ALL of her comic books from her massive comic book collection (specifically the issues of X-Men from the 80's.) The first time she ever performed was when she was 5 as an Angel in The Nutcracker with the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory. After her first show her dad asked her what her favorite part of dance was and she ever so eloquently responded "THE SHOWS!" And the rest is history.

Since that first ballet show Dana has performed off-Broadway, has performed in several well known regional and broadway touring theatres, sung with the nationally acclaimed choir Chorus Angelicus for 12 years and can be heard on several of their albums, and worked on movies with artists such as Jennifer Connolly and Anthony Mackie. She has been the recipient of many awards including "Best Actress" from the Light and Movement Film Festival, and "Best Actress" from the National Youth Art's Awards.

Dana recently graduated from the Boston Conservatory at Berklee with a BFA in Musical Theatre. At BoCo Dana was able to meticulously craft her art, and delve deeper into her other interests. Among these interests, she found her love for landscape photography and uses it as a means to bring awareness to Climate Change and Indegenous People's Rights. She discovered her interest in voice over work and wrote, edited, and recorded 2 demos. She directed the musical, Parade, at the Boston Conservatory in the Fall of her Senior Year (a goal she's had since she was 14.) She also took part in many musicals and plays, and especially loved getting to work on new works pieces, devised pieces, and pieces bringing awareness to Women's Rights and LGBTQ+ Rights.


What's Dana Up To Now?

-She had a BLAST performing with Drunk Musicals in their productions. Most recently, The Drunk Little Mermaid and And All That Hooch (aka Chicago), where she had full reign to live her wacky dreams!

-She got cast as the Lead Female Vocalist on Norwegian Cruise Line's PRIDE OF AMERICA. There she had the life changing experience of getting to live in Hawaii for 8 months, singing and dancing every night on the ship, and doing it all with the most amazing group of people. It became a cherished chapter of her life.

-Now, Dana is back on the mainland in Park Slope where she spends most of her free time auditioning, cooking a new recipe with her partner, reading and eating snacks in the park, going out and being a little kooky with friends, or trying to find the best lavender latte in Brooklyn

About Dana




Dana Wilton - Animation Demo Reel
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